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Can I have a taster session?

Taster sessions are available any time for WRITE CLUB - just email to arrange.

Can I book just one WRITE CLUB workshop?

Yes - you can book indivudual WRITE CLUB workshops on the JOIN THE CLUB page. Sessions are £10 each when you book them individually.

Are the workshops only online?

For the moment, yes. Once lockdown is over we may well be expanding to an IRL envinronment; watch this space!

What about if I want to write for the screen?

Although its origins are in playwriting, WRITE THAT SCRIPT is applicable to writing for stage or screen, and we often look at films as examples.

What's the difference between the club and the course?

The course (WRITE THAT SCRIPT) is for scriptwriters who want to explore the basics of writing a script step by step. The club (WRITE CLUB) is for all kinds of writers and creatives and is less structured; it's more about gaining inspiration and introducing writing as a creative process in your life.